New Skill Radographer

New skill! Radographer.


So what is a Radographer?  Other than just a very cool looking badge – Radographers seek the most epic possible moments of life. We make stories with head-mounted cameras, capturing the unique sensation of life through our eyes.

Year 5’s met a true Radographer this week when Andy Green came to visit.  Andy Green is a British Fighter Pilot who is called “The Fastest Man on Earth” because he set the land speed record breaking the sound barrier in his car the Bloodhound.  Truly awesome to get to meet him and hear him speak about his rad passions in life.

So how can you become a radiographer?  Check out the challenges…  filming adventures in your lives with a camera mounted to you!  And you don’t have to break the sound barrier to do it!


Here comes the sun…

solar_engineer_253x292Solar Chikita MiraHere comes the sun…

and there it goes behind the clouds again…

Wait it came back out… then went behind the clouds again… AARRRGGH!

Today we made solar ovens out of Marzano Pizza boxes (yum) and we baked Smores (double yum) in them.  While the sun did not cooperate the whole time it was still a success.

First came the question “WHAT is a smore?”  Ahhhh – let the Americans answer!  A Smore is a graham cracker or biscuit or any crunchy cookie bottom with a freshly cooked (usually over a campfire) marshmallow smooshed onto chocolate and then topped with another crunchy biscuit/cracker.   Its a ooeey, gooey, mess of melted chocolate marshmallow goodness.

(Side note – the marshmallows were Halal – no pork in them for our Muslim friends! And yes, some marshmallows have pork)

photoThe temperature in the ovens did get up to about 70 degrees Celsius but it would dip down about 50 the minute the sun went away.  BUT it was enough to make the marshmallows warm and melt the chocolate!  GOOD ENOUGH.  They still tasted amazing and everyone enjoyed the experiment and having a chocolate treat as the result.  Its always fun when science ends with fun food!

For the Year 6’s who are off at camp… we have all the materials and the expert instructions from Year 5 for you to take home and construct your own solar cookers!

Challenge! Food Art…. FORK it!


AIS DIY’ers  Your first challenge has been posted under Strawberry Shortcake    This one is called FOOD ART.  After all those years of your Mom saying “Don’t play with your food”.  It is time to PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD.   Create something beautiful, creative, scary, fun, funky, fresh… with food.   I’ve posted my tangerine snail as an example.  Now just FORK my project and remember to put #AISDIY in the comment. Food Art

DIY Club helps with AIS Family Fun Day

DIY CLUB HELPS WITH AIS FAMILY FUN DAY…  IMG_2932 A big thanks from all the teachers and parents to the DIY club for helping construct and test several games for our Family Fun Day on Sept 21st!    Today the DIY club helped construct a “Toilet Toss” game where students throw rolls of toilet paper (wrapped with duct tape of course!!) into a bucket with a toilet seat on top.   The DIY crew immediately realized that seat needed to be duct taped securely to the bucket AND weighted down with IMG_2930something inside so that it would not tip over.IMG_2931

For the Ping Pong toss game the DIY crew tested several ways to move the buckets and that the ping pong balls bounced OUT of the buckets too easily.  BUT – because many of them are Duct Tape Ninjas – they place a cross of duct tape in the bottom of the bucket and bingo – no more bounce.  Since the bounce is kind of fun – maybe we will only duct half of the buckets.   Great job DIY.

Last the hair spray station needed some desperate help.  Every year we run out of hair spray because kids want their whole head sprayed.  This year DIY used cardboard stencils to minimize the spray and make the cans last longer.  We tested glittery gold on dark hair and it looked great.IMG_2933

Awesome job DIY Club.

Camp Pictures Available!

camper_253x292Hey Year 5 DIY’ers…. do you want to complete some challenges from your recent Caldera camping trip and possibly earn your CAMPING badge?  Ms. Cynthia has a DROP BOX with all the pictures that your official DIY photographer (aka MC Beast) took from the trip!

AIS DIY setting up their tent.  Nice photo bomb Riley!!!

AIS DIY setting up their tent. Nice photo bomb Riley!!!

When you post your challenges you can either complete them on your own or FORK someone’s project in our group who has already posted the challenge (like Gold Rich, Rabidyoman or MC Beast).

Send an email to CYNTHIABOGOR@GMAIL.COM to get access to the drop box and upload your pictures.

For YEAR 6 – There are also pictures from past Kids day and sporting events that might help you complete Athlete and Sculptor Challenges so you should get access also.

Ghavi, Claire, Sinead – there are pictures of you in the Drop Box also.


Biologist Challenge: Grow Bacteria

biologist_253x292Biologist Challenge: Grow Bacteria

Biologists are fascinated by the processes of life in all its forms. We study microscopic cells, vast ecosystems, and everything in between. Our discoveries can lead to new medicines, new technologies, and new theories of the past and future.  Harvest live bacteria and grow it in a petri dish. Bacteria are some of the smallest living things – but they’re everywhere! Some are harmless, some make us sick, and some we can’t live without.

To grow bacteria you need a disposable container that you can see through and with a tight seal.  This is NOT an experiment where you can clean the container to re-use again.  A Petri dish is the best possible container to grow bacteria in.  You also need food for the bacteria to grow on.  Agar (pronounced AWGER) is the best gel-like substance to put in your dish for your bacteria to grow.  If you don’t have scientific Agar powder you can look up on the internet “How to make agar” create your own by using common ingredients from the grocery store.bacteria1

Once you have your dish and your agar or bacteria food base you are ready to collect your sample.  So ask yourself where would bacteria grow???   Think of places that people touch with their hands all the time but maybe never get cleaned… gross!!!   Moisten the tip of a cotton swab (not wet but moist) and rub it over the area.  Then gently rub it over your petri dish.  Close up the sample, tape it shut and label it with where you got the sample.  Throw away the cotton swab and wash your hands!

Now you wait… samples grow best in a warm, dry location out of direct sunlight –  about 21+ degrees Celsius (or 70+ degree Fahrenheit).   The bacteria will grow right away but takes about 7-14 days to get sufficiently disgusting. 



DO NOT OPEN THE SAMPLES! While most bacteria is okay and not really dangerous it is still NOT a good idea to touch the millions of bacteria that we have grown in the samples.   When you are done with the experiment you should throw them away – the best way is to pour bleach over the sample before putting it in the trash.

 AIS DIY Experts:  Zach (MC Beast), Kevin (MinecraftGuy244), Sam (Rabidyoman) 

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